About Me

I work as a Data Analyst in the Center for Healthcare Quality and Analytics at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, one of the foremost Children's research hospitals in the country.

I graduated from UPenn with a degree in Economics and Neuroscience unsure what to do with the degree, and having juggled: wet lab (and rat-raising) duties in a cancer research lab, scouring primary sources on state-level implementation of the ACA for Tom Baker, Dan Polsky and Ezekiel Emanuel, and checking IDs at the local bar.

I accepted a full-time offer from my perennial internship and worked on Brownfields Redevelopment projects and operational pollution risk as an Environmenal Underwriter at Tokio Marine North America, before pivoting into healthcare tech and analytics with IntegriChain.

When I'm not working, you can find me running (or rehabbing) and reading. For more about my current work and extracurriculars, visit my now page.