We live in a golden age of content, with myriad audio/visual content services vying for our attention. With those at our fingertips, it is easy to forego long-form written content (digital or otherwise), without noticing the absence. As Tim Urban points out in his segment of the linked video, the difference between reading about book a year in the next 55 years, becoming the "grandparent who hasn't read anything"; or 1,000 books in that timespan ("they've read everything!") is a time commitment of an average of about 30 minutes a day.

Over the past few years, I have come to a similar conclusion: I have to make a conscious effort to re-prioritize how I consume content if I want to read more books/novels/short stories/etc. To that end, I've set loose goals for myself: read more than last year, read a variety of genres/authors, and to change both of the prior if I'm not enjoying it. This has worked well for me - I've read 51 books in 2020; some quality, some challenging, some easy, and some comfortable.

Below is a list of books that I strongly recommend (more coming soon):